Welcome to VIP Price Cuts, LLC. where members receive exclusives discounts simply by presenting our VIP Membership card to local businesses that have partnered up with us. We are your premier online resource to help support your community and businesses in your area. Search by business name, keywords, category and open the door to deals and promotions offered by your local businesses and professional service providers.

"Investing in our communities is a lifetime investment "

From supporting not for profit groups and fundraising opportunities that impact families lives on a global scale, we are committed to investing in the communities in which we live and work. The following are just a few examples of ways in which we endeavor to make positive and lasting contributions to people’s lives.

Basic overview of our current services:

Our members and customers provide consumer ratings of local businesses in multiple cities across the United States. Precise ratings and reviews help you choose the right places for any occasion.

Call us today for any fund raising opportunities to support your local not for profit origination. 

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Are you a business owner looking for a good way to promote your business? If so VIP Price Cuts LLC Directory is just what you have been waiting for. Your listing will be viewed by our VIP members and many visitors each day and the best part is, it’s FREE.

The only thing you will have to provide is a discount to our VIP card holding members. Just submit your product or services information and include the discounts your willing to offer to our members on your Summary Description section.

Click here to see our Youtube video on how to easily and correctly list your business with us for Free!

You can also offer additional deals, just by entering your promotional information on our Deal Section.  This will enable our VIP members and visitors to print out your exclusive coupons which will be brought into your establishment. It's that easy.

Businesses that sign up in our FREE Business Directory and provide discounts to our VIP Members also gives  back to their community. For each membership card sold, a certain portion of the proceeds is donated to not for profit groups that help local families in need.

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